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Candylebrity Artwork (30x30) - LaToya Jackson

Candylebrity Artwork (30x30) - LaToya Jackson

By: Jason Mecier

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Grab this stunning 30x30 candy portrait of LaToya Jackson today! It's made of Chiclets, Hot Tamales, Good & Plentys, TicTacs, Mike & Ikes, gum balls, Red Vines, Jelly Belly and others!

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Candylebrity is a sugary new series of candy portraits inspired by Hollywood’s sweetest stars! Lickable ladies like Lisa Vanderpump, Big Ang, and Miley Cyrus will be there. Don’t forget about the Man-Candy! James Franco, Breaking Bad’s Walter and Jesse, and Zack Gummy Bear Galifianakis will be there too! Candylebrity will make the Candy Corns from Orange is the New Black, Judge Judy and Abby Lee Miller all do the Hot Tamale!